We just put this video page up because the best way to see how fantastic your Capt Vern adventure is going to be is to just see it for yourself. We have so many videos to put up here, we are presently in the midst of doing some massive editing. Once we clean up the footage and get them edited, we will have them displayed here on this Videos page, so please check back and see what All the talk is about!


Summer 2017



Client Videos
I invite all of you who have taken your OWN videos of our trips to contact us and send them over. We’ll place them on this page, as well. We can not have too many videos up here, as one of the greatest benefits of being able to enjoy these open seas; you will NEVER see the same thing twice! Its always fun, a different experience every time, but always challenging. So, send those videos in and we will post them up. Share your experiences!