Capt Vern




Hello Everyone.

I am a native to this wonderful state I call home. I started fishing at a very young age with my family. I knew at that time that fishing was something I loved.  Once I was old enough to fish on my own about age 8, I started fishing little ponds behind my family’s home to where I was addicted to catching largemouth bass, catfish and bluegills. At the age of 13, my dad and I joined a bass fishing club and started fishing tournaments all over the state of Florida.

 I met a man who wanted to introduce me to offshore salt water fishing for grouper so I accepted his invitation. On this fishing trip, the first line down, up came a beautiful American Red snapper at the end of my line. I knew I was hooked and this would be where my career began. From that point on I fished every chance I could offshore as a first mate on his charter boat. I was approached by my mentor one day close to my 17th birthday with some books in his hand. I was then informed that he wanted me to start studying these books and they were for the U.S. Coast Guard exams for my captain’s license. This is where I started my career as a offshore fishing captain.

Throughout the years I have also become an educator as well as an expert in fishing the Gulf waters. 30 years later I am still in business and going strong!

I welcome everyone aboard not matter what your fishing experience may be. Kids always welcome.

Please contact me with any questions or just need advice on fishing, In am always here for you!

Captain Vern